Our Projects

With the development of Internet, we’re always looking for new ways to help people to work and enjoy their life. That’s why we’ve researched and developed a lot of IT solutions and online platforms.

Legal Advice


Self-book your appointment with a lawyer and transform in-person to remote video or phone call appointments.

  • Finding lawyer or solicitor
  • Self-book appointment
  • Video & phone conference
  • Sharing documents
  • Information protected
News & Blogs

Legal Insights

A community of legal writers, lawyers, and solicitors who provide useful legal news, tips, and guides daily.

  • Legal tips from reliable lawyers and solicitors
  • Commercial guide
  • Property management
  • Estate planning
  • Australian immigration
Business Portal

Dev Smith Nguyen Lawyers

Dev Smith Nguyen Lawyers, an Australian law firm, are established by law experts who are experienced in a wide range of legal services and Australian migration agency. 

  • Conveyancing
  • Commercial law
  • Civil litigation
  • Family law
  • Estate planning
  • Estate Administration
  • Property law
  • Migration & citizenship
Online Courses


Pillargy is the fastest growing community of female led courses online. They deliver online courses and live workshops to help you achieve your goals in writing and life. 

  • Goal setting
  • Grant writing
  • Writing for publication
  • Starting a blog
  • Public speaking
mouse, desktop, technology
Music Community


An online platform that enables people to find music sheets, compare pricing and connect with musicians.

  • Finding music sheets
  • Finding musicians
  • Comparing from a variety of music sites
  • Music knowledge and quizzes
  • Music articles and guide
Online Shop

Happy House Fresh

An online shop that provides a variety of fresh fruits for both retailers and whole sellers.

  • Zuchinis
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Capsicums
Business Portal


A company runs business in food industry. They produce and sell the different products that are produced from seaweeds.

Business portal


As the importer & exporter, Green Life AV acts as an intermediary between Indigenous communities and growers, and multi-national food, beverage and cosmetic manufacturers wanting to import or export Australian agriculture products

  • Import & export agriculture products
  • Logistic consultation
  • Whole sellers and retailers
  • Vietnam market development